Dennaton, Devolver Digital and ESC Toys have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their badass Biker figure from Hotline Miami.

This new Hotline Miami Biker figure will be the perfect counterpart for the Jacket figure released earlier this year. Unfortunately, Devolver, Dennaton and ESC Toys need our help to fund the development of this figure before it can hit the production line. This marks the second 1/6 scale Hotline Miami figure to be released this way. If you pledge $80 or more for Biker's Kickstarter campaign, you can score this figure.There are also a pair of bloody, glowing variants you can score starting at the $175 pledge level.

Standing at 12-inches-tall, this beast features a removable motorcycle helmet, 15 points of articulation, removable weapons (including throwing daggers and a butcher knife), and vigilante MC boots. Biker's wardrobe perfectly adheres to Hotline Miami's fluorescent visuals, as Biker features turquoise-colored hair, a neon headband, green finger-less gloves (this is supposed to be the '80s after all), baggy pants and motorcycle boots. Even with the hood of his pink and white hoodie up, Biker looks like he's ready to kill. We're certainly digging the blank, chilling and emotionless look that Biker gives off, as it's the visage of a killer.

As of the publication of this article, Biker's Kickstarter campaign is currently sitting at around $40,000 of its $55,000 goal (roughly 72 percent complete) with 31 days to go. Let's just hope Red Ash's campaigns are as successful as this one.

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