You may have to spend a nice chunk of Glimmer to score this exclusive Destiny Titan figure, but ThreeA's quality is always worth it.

ThreeA has unveiled the Bambaland-exclusive version of its 1/6th scale Destiny Titan figure. While this bad boy weighs in at a hefty $190 cost, we assure you that the quality of this figure is more than worth it. The figure stands at 12.6 inches (32cm) tall, features two sets of interchangeable hands, and has 24 points of articulation. In terms of his gear, this Titan Guardian has a tailored cloth under suit beneath his battle armor. For weaponry, the Titan is decked out with a full arsenal. The Titan figure comes with the Shadow Price auto rifle as his primary weapon. His special weapon is the Felwinter's Lie shotgun. His heavy weapon is the Zombie Apocalypse WF47 machine gun. Finally, ordering this figure through Bambaland gets you the omega-level-badass Hawkmoon hand cannon, which is my personal favorite exotic weapon of the entire game. Please note that other retail suppliers will not be featuring the exclusive Hawkmoon hand cannon with the Titan.

Going beyond the $150 range for a figure is a bit much for most people, but I personally love the premium quality of ThreeA's previous figures.  You can pre-order the Titan for $190 at Bambaland's official store on July 27 or at other ThreeA vendors on July 31.

The Taken King, the newest expansion for Destiny, will launch on Sept. 15.

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