After the Guardians killed his son, Crota, Oryx is out for revenge in this new live-action trailer for Destiny: The Taken King.

Just as Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant Song' heralded the original live-action trailer for Destiny last year, Jimmy Page and the gang return for its third expansion, The Taken King. This trailer features a trio of characters entering the Dreadnought ship of Oryx, encountering all kinds of Taken forces that are unlike anything we've ever fought before in Destiny. As you'd expect, playing multiplayer games in a first-person shooter often introduces you to all kinds of players. There are the lazy guys who fall behind and let everyone else do the heavy lifting. Some are absolutely horrible who fire the most bullets but end up getting the lowest number of kills and the highest number of deaths. Of course, there are the people who go Rambo-style, guns blazing into every incursion without trying to find cover, which this trailer perfectly showcases.

Destiny: The Taken King will debut on Sept. 15. Pre-ordering any version of the expansion (including its standard and collector's editions) will score you the Suros Arsenal DLC for free, regardless if you go for its physical or digital version. The expansion costs $39.99 by itself. There's also a collector's edition arriving on its launch date that'll bundle together the core version of Destiny, its two previous expansions, The Taken King, three exotic class items, three armor shaders and three emotes for $79.99. Also, we have learned that veteran Guardians (who have reached level 30 or have purchased the two previous expansions by Aug. 31) will be getting some special VIP awards for buying and playing Destiny: The Taken King. These bonuses include an Emblem, an Armor Shader, a Ghost shell and an exclusive Sparrow mount.

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