E3 2017: Absolver Preview
Developed by Sloclap Digital, Absolver is a fighting game that elevates the discourse beyond traditional video game combat. Based in some very real techniques actually practiced around the world today, Absolver eschews the fantastical in favor of a more thoughtful and honest approach to martial arts. In fact, it's so authentic to all the skills many Sloclap members have actually learned over the years that its customization options might overwhelm even some of the most devout practitioners. Depth of combat is just one of the many reasons Absolver is going to change the way we play fighting games.
E3 2017: Extinction Preview
There are few things as satisfying in a video game as taking down a foe that towers above you. In Extinction, enemy ogres are literally the size of towers (and larger), making their defeats that much more rewarding when you are able to finally whittle one down. Combining the fast-paced fighting Iron Galaxy is known for with the dismemberment mechanics that made Dead Space such a thrill might not seem like an idea that should work. However, when you mix in a premise eerily reminiscent of manga and anime, Attack on Titan, Extinction manages to mix all the disparate pieces together into a greater whole.
E3 2017: Battle Chasers: Nightwar Preview
For years, fans have been looking forward to more Battle Chasers stories. Last year, we got our first look at Aiship Syndicate's role-playing game version of the Joe Madureira comic, Battle Chasers: Nightwar. At that time, there was little to do but wander a randomly generated dungeon and complete a few small battles. Twelve months later, Nightwar still has that same delicious style and core battle mechanics, but Airship's been hard at work building on that template to craft a robust and deep RPG that will more than satisfy fans from both worlds.
E3 2017: Dauntless Preview
We didn't realize how badly we wanted a massive hammer that doubled as a shotgun until we equipped one in Dauntless. At that point, we'd already been playing Phoenix Labs' upcoming multiplayer action role-playing game for a hunt or two, but wanted to change things up to see what the different weapon loadouts offered. After using the hammer to hunt down massive frost-powered owl creature, we became enamored with it. Not just with the hammer gun mind you, but with the co-op action at the core of Dauntless.
E3 2017: Ashen Preview
In the darkness below the surface, two lone treasure hunters have come together to explore a dungeon in search secrets from a world lost long ago. An ocean of black envelops them both, the only salvation in the depths provided by lone lanterns each wanderer carries. A somber melody plays somewhere, echoing from deep within the tunnels running though the heart of this cavern. Distracted, the hunters miss something flash before the lantern light. Whatever is lurking has its eyes on our adventurers. This is the world of Ashen, and it will test your spine and ability to cooperate like few other games.
E3 2017: Far Cry 5 Preview
Ubisoft is taking a different approach with Far Cry 5 than we're used to seeing from the franchise. Typically a series that's been about exploring locales many people can only dream of traveling to, it's a bit strange to see one coming home to roost in the United States. That's not a bad thing, as even the US is country that has a number of states and cities that are often ignored when it comes to games. With its rural setting in the Big Sky Country of Montana, Far Cry 5 already had our attention. It's the new spins on gameplay and narrative that'll keep it.
E3 2017: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Preview
While most of the world got to see a new Uncharted: The Lost Legacy story trailer during PlayStation's E3 event, we got to see a bit more of the upcoming action game behind closed doors. What we saw was most definitely more Uncharted, which has never been a bad thing. More importantly, we got to see how Naughty Dog and creative director Shaun Escayg put the focus on two of the more criminal characters in the franchise's history, Chloe Black and Nadine Ross. We've seen the smuggler with a heart of gold enough. Now it's time for the thieving hustlers to get their time in the spotlight.
E3 2017: Agents of Mayhem Preview
Last year, we got our first glimpse at Volition's first new IP since Saints Row dominated the previous generation of consoles. Agents of Mayhem billed itself as an action-packed adventure that poked fun at the concept of international security agencies like SHIELD or GI Joe and their rival groups, Hydra or Cobra. With that classic Volition sense of wicked humor, open-world adventure and ludicrous weaponry, Agents of Mayhem captured our attention early on. One year later, with Agents of Mayhem mere months away from release, Volition's concept has gotten that much tighter and stronger. And so has our desire to play the full game.
E3 2017: The Swords of Ditto Preview
We've all heard the stories about the amnesiac hero who washed up on the shore of a dangerous island only to become its savior. Or perhaps the version you heard told of a teen with extraordinary courage, who stepped up in a time of need to make the lands he lived in safe again. Whatever deviations you may have heard, the stories all share a familiar core. The Swords of Ditto follows that same narrative thread, only this time it gives it an explanation. It also does it with one of the more delightful and humorous presentations we've seen.
E3 2017: The Artful Escape Preview
No matter how fleeting the feeling, we've all dreamed of being a rock star at one time or another in our lives. Some video games have come close to giving us that feeling, with the likes of Rock Band and Guitar Hero putting the power directly in our hands. Few developers have looked beyond the rhythm to the central source of those desires, but with The Artful Escape, Beethoven & Dinosaur can count itself among them. Rather than turning us into the greatest cover band in the virtual world, The Artful Escape takes us on a psychedelic trip through the multiverse to find the artist within.

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