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Injustice 2 Review
There have been a number of fantastic fighting games featuring comic heroes and villains over the years, but few have been as addictive, fun, and well-made as NetherRealm Studios' latest dip into the DC Comics pool.
Destiny 2 Strike Hands-On: Digging Into The Inverted Spire
During the reveal of Destiny 2, Bungie gave us a hands-on look at a few of the sequel's game types, including story and competitive multiplayer. We also got to dive into one of Destiny 2's new Strikes, "The Inverted Spire." While Bungie didn't explain much about when this Strike would take place in the scheme of Destiny 2, it does take place on one of the new planets (Nessus)... Read Mor
Destiny 2 Campaign Hands-On: The Cabal Crash Homecoming
Last week, Bungie and Activision premiered the first gameplay from the highly anticipated Destiny 2. Due out in September, Destiny's first proper sequel comes after three years of tweaking and expansions that fleshed out the world, mechanics, and gameplay elements of the MMO-infused first-person shooter. While what we got to go hands-on with at the premiere event wasn't all that different from where Destiny is now, there are signs that Destiny 2 will have a much more immersive story and campaign.
Yooka-Laylee Review
For the most part the Yooka-Laylee has succeeded in meeting expectations, though a few specters from that bygone era decided to make the journey too.
Mass Effect Andromeda Review
Bioware brought a lot more planets, combat, exploration and mechanics to the table this time around, but more isn't always better. There may be no stronger case for keeping things simple than Mass Effect Andromeda.
Prey Hands-on Preview
If JFK had lived, the space program may have unfolded quite differently. The urgency of finding more out there than some dust and a few rocks on the nearest orbiting celestial body could have lead to our greatest minds searching the depths of space to learn all the secrets, good or bad, that they could. That's the world Arkane Studios' supposes exists in Prey, its promising revamp of a cult classic first-person shooter.
PAX South 2017: Mr Shifty Preview
We met with tinyBuild at PAX South to learn more and experience the fast-paced action of the upcoming Mr. Shifty from Team Shifty and we came away with an adrenaline rush like few others on the floor.

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