This new trailer for Destiny features live actors decked out in the suits of a Hunter, Titan and Warlock as they explore the Moon, Mars, Venus and all sorts of Darkness-infested areas of our solar system.

Destiny's newest trailer looks rather amazing. Sure, it's mostly done in CGI, but it still looks amazing from all of the various locales the three Guardian actors visit throughout their adventure. In introductory scenes of the trailer puts a focus on customization, such as the Warlock's bunny insignia and the Titan's "I Come in Peace" inscription on his gun. We also get a hint as to some of the higher level skills, such as when the Hunter vanished and teleported behind his enemy, leaving two grenades where he disappeared for the enemy to find, as well as a pretty sizable Fist of Havoc from the Titan.

Destiny launches on Sept. 9 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.