Now that we've entered the second year of Destiny, it's only natural that our arsenal of weapons has grown with this newest expansion. Even though a large number of year one weapons were left behind, there's no shortage of unique and powerful new weapons. The new sword weapons as well as guns like the Telesto or Zhalo Supercell are great examples of new unique weapons that still feel just as powerful as the Gjallarhorn used to be. When it was announced that a lot of the weapons we've grown to love would be left behind, people were apprehensive at first. Mostly due to the fact that Bungie had made such great and admittedly overpowered weapons that it would be nearly impossible to top them.

Bungie has proven us wrong however by creating weapons that rival even the Gjallarhorn and Fatebringer back in year one. Even players that swore by mainstays like the MIDA Multi-Tool or the Icebreaker have found something to love with all of the new toys we've been given with the Taken King expansion. There are even a few surprises thrown in for players who loved their old legendary weapons. Here are the ten most powerful weapons in Destiny: The Taken King.

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