With Halo 5: Guardians on the way, it's time that we look back at Master Chief's accolades throughout the iconic Halo series. Since its inception 14 years ago, Bungie and 343 Industries have redefined the first-person shooter experience numerous times, raising the standards of the genre with each new entry of the franchise. The series has taken us across the galaxy as Master Chief and have put us in the boots of some unexpected heroes across the years, but there is something that remains adamantly constant across the franchise: fun.

It's always hilarious to hear the cries of Covenant Grunts as they hopelessly try to fend themselves against the Spartan soldiers before them. More importantly, it's still immensely satisfying to pull off a headshot with a Sniper Rifle, stick a Plasma Grenade to someone's back or run over an unsuspecting victim in a Warthog. The Halo franchise has been setting all kinds of new standards in the first-person shooter genre throughout the years. Halo 3 remains the third-best selling Xbox 360 game of all time, right behind Grand Theft Auto V and Kinect Adventures (which was packaged with a large percentage of 360 consoles). Likewise, Halo 2 and Halo: Combat Evolved are the two highest sellers for the original Xbox. As we approach the release of Halo 5, we're expecting yet another unforgettable, genre-changing experience, this time we'll be playing as both Master Chief and Agent Locke. Cortana and Bungie might be gone, but there are still epic battles to be fought. So let's rejoice in the journey Master Chief has taken by looking at the best Halo games of all time.

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