There are a lot of heroes in the many and varied worlds of video games. Sometimes throwing one monster at them just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need a whole dang army to make a dent in these diabolical do-gooders. Fortunately, the gaming world is also rife with armies of evil ready to do their damnedest to try to present a challenge for players to overcome. Heck, sometimes you get to control these armies and wreak your own delicious havoc on everything good and not ugly.

Of course, it takes more than just being fangy or mean to stand above the rest. After all, if you’re nothing but a bunch of pushovers banded together, who the heck is going to fear you? No, these are armies that leave more than their share of marks on their respected universes. Long after the battles are over, these collections of organized awful leave our heroes more than a little exhausted both physically and emotionally. Whether brutal, endless or just plain scary, these armies are more than a cut above your regular minion hordes. These are the 10 Best Armies of Monsters in Video Games.

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