Ah, love! It can be our best friend or our worst enemy, but it almost always makes for the most interesting stories. True relationships are a bond that cannot be explained, tied down, or broken by simple obstacles or hardships. It takes challenges of ultimate magnitude to break that truest of bonds apart. Whether it’s time, space or an army of super baddies, love bends under the greatest of hardships and sometimes, it succeeds. Otherwise, we see the darkest depths of emotional agony as characters and their motivations are twisted by the tragedy of a true love lost.

Video games are a fantastic stage for the telling of a love story as well. Heroes rescuing their special someone, adventurers discovering a mutual connection and more have allowed us to watch some of our favorite characters as they slowly fall in, and sometimes out, of the deepest of romances. We’ve gathered ten of the greatest out there into one place for your consideration. Some affairs are multi-game challenges of star-crossed affection while others are small windows into a part of the relation that allows us to deeply understand a character or group of characters that much more, but one thing is for sure: These are the 10 Best Relationships in Video Games.

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