Space is one heck of an enormous place and so are the imaginations of storytellers that use it as a setting for any number of projects. The space opera, action, and even western-inspired dramas that have unfolded through the history of entertainment have brought us zany characters, fantastic journeys, and conflicts and battles of intergalactic scale. When it comes to video games set in the sci-fi sea of darkness, it’s not always a central character that takes the spotlight of these interstellar ventures, but more than a few characters have stepped up through the ranks and made a name for themselves in gaming history.

This list is dedicated to those characters. We’re always talking about full-on heroics in every case --- Some of these characters have less than heroic intentions. That said, each and every character on this list has scoured the galaxy and faced the vast and bizarre unknown, often more than once. The stuff they’ve seen defies conventional imagination and if they’re not the central character of their video game’s narrative, they often tie it together in a way that would make their games suck without them. These are the top 10 space adventurers in video games.

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