10 Best Space Adventurers in Video Games
When it comes to video games set in the sci-fi sea of darkness, it’s not always a central character that takes the spotlight of these interstellar ventures, but more than a few characters have stepped up through the ranks and made a name for themselves in gaming history.
The History of Blizzard: Vikings, Crafts, and One Mad Gorilla
Blizzard's name is an aptly-chosen one; this titanic game company is famous for its glacial development pace. New Blizzard projects usually have lengthy gaps between them, with release dates rarely getting mentioned until the product is finished and ready to ship. While it can be frustrating fo…
Protoss Cosplay
Let's start off this first Monday in Autumn with a wholly original cosplay concept. If you're a fan of both the Diablo and StarCraft series, then you'll want to see the Protoss Wizard in today's Cosplay of the Day!