When it comes to movies, comics, TV and, of course, video games, spies are just plain cool. These agents of disguise, deception, infiltration and other various tricks that get them behind enemy lines have a sophisticated mystique that draws players from all generations into their charismatic magnetism. Their stories are often emotional, twisting and turning tales filled with daring feats and amazing adventures, but of course there’s also an appreciation to be had for the story of a spy who moves in and out of their operational zone like a ghost.

Today we’re putting the spotlight on these masters of black ops, wetworks and everyday sneaky shenanigans. Whether they’re working on the side of good, evil or somewhere in between, these particular characters each exemplify the mythos of the daring spy and their adventures. Love them or hate them, they’ve each certainly made a mark on the landscape of the universes they inhabit by their actions. These are the 10 best spies in video games.

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