Political intrigue, espionage, nuclear proliferation, radical militant forces and shaky international tensions. In the world of literature and video games, these subjects are often considered to be synonymous with Tom Clancy. The legendary best-selling writer and video game designer has spent decades mixing knowledge of history, government affairs and world climates with informed speculation in order to craft some of the greatest political and military thrillers that entertainment has to offer.

Tom Clancy thrived in creating worlds based as close to realistic possibilities as he could. His gaming contributions began in board games with the likes of The Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising based on novels of the same name, but in 1998, he delved into video games with the first Rainbow Six. Clancy had a hand in creating several prolific video game series that explore controversial and intense topics regarding the sociopolitical tensions of today and tomorrow. Not every one of them was a winner, but many of them have supplied days upon years of action-packed gaming from both multiplayer and single player aspects. These stand out from the rest as the cream of the crop. These are the 10 Best Tom Clancy Video Games.

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