Sam Fisher is back in this well-done, must-watch fan film based on the Splinter Cell series.

Ben and Andrew Adams have made an amazing Splinter Cell fan film, simply titled 'The Splinter Cell'. This live-action piece follows the earlier times of Sam Fisher's career, when he first started to use his iconic/tricloptic goggles. John Redlinger made for a decent Sam Fisher, but he still kind of looks a little too like Iceman from the 'X-Men' movies for us to take him seriously. Nevertheless, the Adams siblings have made an excellent Splinter Cell short that has some amazing production quality.

It's interesting to see Fisher in the Pentagon taking part in a prequel-esque story which predates his work with the NSA and dealings with the Third Echelon. This would explain why Lambert, Wilkes and Fisher are all much younger than we remember them to be. There are some really bad fan films out there in YouTube land, and there are the few good ones that pay proper tribute to the source material. Luckily, 'The Splinter Cell', does the latter.

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