Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Review
The Mario Brothers have been around nearly as long as video games themselves, and have starred in just about every single kind of game you can play. In all those decades however, Nintendo's Mushroom Kingdom heroes never faced the gridlocked life of tactical strategy. Apparently, they were just …
E3 2017: Far Cry 5 Preview
Ubisoft is taking a different approach with Far Cry 5 than we're used to seeing from the franchise. Typically a series that's been about exploring locales many people can only dream of traveling to, it's a bit strange to see one coming home to roost in the United States. That's n…
E3 2017: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Preview
The week of E3 is filled with so many games, it's often hard to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Sure, there are major sequels fans have been waiting for and splashy new titles from respected studios, but it takes a special kind of game to be heard above the traditional noise. One way to…
For Honor Review
It doesn’t always dance gracefully with the craft of battle, but For Honor is a game that harnesses some of the most impactful melee combat we’ve seen.
Watch Dogs 2 Review
Some specters from the previous game still exist, particularly in combat and a bit in driving, but Watch Dogs 2 improves on the original game in every way that counts.
E3 2016: Watch Dogs 2 Preview
After persistent rumors and a few leaks Watch Dogs 2 was finally revealed just before E3 2016, moving the franchise from the urban jungle of Chicago to the sunny skies of San Francisco. With a new locale comes a new main character in Marcus Holloway, a hacker working in collaboration with the Anonym…

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