While capes and cowls dominating the box office is the new phenomenon, video games are no stranger to awesome tales of superheroics. With that in mind, we've scoured the streets of Gotham, taken a double-dose of radiation, and grabbed our shark repellents to put together this list most excelsior list of the 10 Greatest Superhero Games!

Why do we love superheroes? Sure, we dig their cool gadgets and powers, slick costumes, and washboard abs, but we also love superheroes because they represent that extremely human ideal that a single person can, through sheer force of will, create a positive change. It's an ideal which makes for ripe storytelling in any medium, and video games are no exception.

No other medium gives us quite the same interaction we can have in games with our favorite heroes. Comic stories are great to re-read, movies are great to re-watch, but as powerful as those forms are, you never get to be the hero; you're always just viewing them from a distanced perspective. With these games, not only are you the person beneath the cape and cowl, but you also have the ability to make decisions those characters might not ordinarily choose. Being a hero is a powerful experience, and these games do it better than the rest.


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