In honor of The Avengers: Age of Ultron hitting theaters, we have decided to pull a Nick Fury and unite our favorite Marvel superhero games of all time.

While Thanos' minions are spread throughout the galaxy, trying to find the Infinity Gems, we have collected something even better. We're taking you back through the past 25 years of video game history to unearth the most revered of Marvel artifacts. We're bringing the best of the best in terms of superherodom from all corners of the gaming universe. Expect a couple of retro classics, some modern hits and a few unexpected surprises as we assemble our own Avengers team of video game classics

Unfortunately, for every title included on this list, Marvel released a dozen clunkers. Throughout the late '90s and the 2000s, Marvel Entertainment's video game library was plagued by numerous licensed titles that were rushed in development just for the sake of meeting the theatrical release date of its tie-in superhero movie. Luckily, Marvel's video game production team has learned its lesson and is foregoing quantity for the sake of quality, as far too many of its titles were just blatant cash grabs based on name alone that didn't live up to the quality of the characters they were based on.

Now that Marvel is teaming up with the adventure genre gurus at Telltale Games, we have a feeling that the age of all those horrible, movie-based Marvel games will be over. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of quality titles to be found within the Avengers' library. With great power, comes great responsibility to make excellent games, so face front, true believers.

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