Hasbro Marvel Legends A-Force Box Set Review
For a team that came together due to a special event, A-Force made more of an impact than the short life of their solo series would have you believe. The all-woman team of Marvel heroes got their shot during Secret Wars, and then spun off into their own series the Marvel U proper following the end o…
New Footage of EA's Canned Marvel Fighting Game Surfaces
Way back in the long, long ago, Marvel and EA forged a partnership to create fighting games set in the Marvel Universe. Marvel: Rise of the Imperfects was not a great first effort. In 2007, EA announced its Chicago studio, the developers of the acclaimed Fight Night boxing series, would develop an e…
10 Best Marvel Games
In honor of The Avengers: Age of Ultron hitting theaters, we have decided to pull a Nick Fury and unite our favorite Marvel superhero games of all time.

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