Those devils at CineFix are at it again, this time taking their retro-inspired gaming talents to the greatest Marvel movie ever made in the history of the universe, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

We're big fans of CineFix's 8-bit remakes of classic films, and though Winter Soldier isn't quite as classic as Scarface or Titanic (yet), it's definitely one of the most memorable Marvel movies since the heroes started making the leap from the panel to the screen. Seeing many of the big moments from the feature film revisited here in a style reminiscent of Mega Man only served to remind us just how amazing Winter Soldier was, and still is today.

Things kick off with the STRIKE team dropping onto the ship, where we see Captain America and Black Widow get some playtime. Then we're off to Nick Fury's city encounter, and Cap's subsequent rooftop chase with the Winter Soldier. The elevator fight looks hilarious with the sprites used, but it's really all about Falcon cutting the check when Cap's butt is in the fire thanks to the Winter Soldier.

That CineFix is able to make such great-looking adventures out of retro game-inspired tropes makes the fact that we haven't gotten a really great Marvel superhero adventure that much more of a crime. Maybe all a developer needs to do is go back to the basics, and give us a Shovel Knight-esque platformer with our favorite Marvel characters instead of it being a massive AAA affair. Or maybe we're all just better off remembering the glory days, just like Cap.

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