Do you like The Walking Dead, but you're tired of growing to care about characters, only to have them get torn to shreds by walkers in the next episode? Well, CineFix has a version of the show you might find a bit more palatable, one inspired by the arcade games of the 1980s.

Every important bit from the first two seasons of The Walking Dead is here, including the "Don't Open, Dead Inside" sign, that disgusting zombie in the well, the interminably long search for Sophia, Daryl... Let's just say that CineFix really knows how to hit the high points. This reinterpretation of the hit-show as a low-res game seems to draw influence from such classics as Zombies Ate my Neighbors and the original Metal Gear. If AMC knows what's good for it, they'll hire these fine folks to make this into a downloadable game so we can all throw our money at them.

This isn't the first time CineFix has dipped its pen into the inky well of retro game-style reinterpretations of popular stories. There's 8-bit Frozen, 8-bit The Matrix, even 8-bit The Avengers, and each one looks like a game I would play until the end of time.

This is only the first entry in CineFix's 8-Bit The Walking Dead series, as there's a second video covering the third and fourth seasons due soon, and in a few years we can probably expect more videos covering the further adventures of Rick and Carl. Here's hoping we get to see a bit more of Michonne's katana, Daryl curb-stomping and The Governor's weird wall o' zombie heads.