Robert Kirkman's popular zombie series is intertwining with Team17's prison-based indie game in The Escapists The Walking Dead.

While most of us are familiar with The Walking Dead, The Escapist is a retro-esque RPG where you live through the daily routines of an incarcerated inmate in a high security prison. You had to adhere to The Escapist's inventory system to get the contraband items and components needed to craft the tools required to escape. You can even dig a hole in your cell's wall and cover it up with a poster, Andy Dufresne-style. The thing I dug the most about The Escapists was how it simulated the daily life of an inmate — everything was on a schedule, starting with the morning bunk check, breakfast, work (such as laundry duty), lunch, recess, dinner, and cell time. While you're out of your cell, you were able to interact with other inmates and do quests for them. Now just imagine what would happen if you threw zombies into the mix.

Based on this new trailer, things are looking very much like The Walking Dead seasons 3-4, where Rick and his family tried to survive in a prison with all kinds of zombies in the area wanting to eat them. Don't forget there's a very pregnant Lori to take care of. We can't wait to meet Michonne and the Governor in this 8-bit adventure.

The Escapists The Walking Dead will launch this summer for Xbox One and PC.

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