In celebration of April 20, we're supplying you guys with the best stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens to ever hit gaming. Red Sand, Skooma, and Gysahl Greens! Oh, my!

Given the fictional and realistic nature of video games, it would make sense that some of society's more illegal activities would eventually be included, as gaming provides a way to simulate a fraction of the experience without ruining your life or being caught by a Narc. That being said, we're bringing to you the strongest blunts, pills, syringes, junk and crank that gaming has to offer. Whether it be Dr. Mario's own prescription, the Joker's secret steroid serum, the Blood Elves' dirty secret or Max Payne's favorite vices, be prepared to feel lifted from reading this. Just don't blame us if you decide to hawk your video game collection and empty your savings in a futile attempt to score some Jet.

After you walk to your local corner store to pick up a vanilla Dutch Masters cigar (which you aren't going to smoke like a traditional cigar) and a bag of Cheetos, do yourself a favor and break out your favorite game console tonight. Nothing beats blazing a crop circle amount of trees while having a marathon of Grand Theft Auto V. We here at Arcade Sushi would like to remind our readers to game responsibly, especially when we have to hear your nonsensical stoned remarks over Xbox Live atop all the pre-teens saying derogatory remarks about our life choices.