Marvel has finally acknowledged the elephant in the room that always plagued superhero-based licensed games -- the sacrifice of quality for the sake of meeting a theatrical release.

TQ Jefferson, Marvel Entertainment's vice president of game production, had an interview with Polygon where he admitted that the company is becoming much more selective when it comes to making its superhero-based games. The widespread success of Phase One and Phase Two of Marvel's blockbuster films along with the company's expansion of its cinematic universe to television and Netflix has inspired the House of M to rethink its approach to the games released under its name.

"What we're also doing now is we're being much more selective and measured in how we approach partnerships," Jefferson said. "I think in the heyday of the movie licensed game, it was just, 'Let's churn out something, let's do the the smash and grab, get the money and get out' and most of those games sucked, to be perfectly blunt."

"We're talking to people now who have strong vision and great teams that can actually execute, and we're not as concerned with hitting a date [that's tied to a movie] and wanting to hold out for quality and have things go out when we're ready." Jefferson added.

Jefferson acknowledges that the average gaming consumer is more selective and reluctant towards licensed games than ever before. By offering more time for game development and trying to avoid forcing a game to be released during the same week as a movie release (which did not happen for The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Marvel-based games will be of a much higher quality than ever before. Hopefully, this will set the standard for most licensed games in the future.

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