Not only is a new year starting in a short while, but a new month is as well. That means new free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Next Tuesday, Jan. 6, six games will join the rotation of PlayStation Plus' instant game collection. The PlayStation Blog announced PlayStation 4 owners will get to enjoy Infamous: First Light, a stand alone add-on for one of 2014's best games, Infamous: Second Son. In First Light, you play as Fetch, the lady with a command of neon light, and learn more about her backstory before meeting Delsin in the main game. PS4 owners will also get The Swapper, a rather unique puzzle game that takes place in the farthest, darkest reaches of space.

PlayStation 3 players will gain access to Prototype 2, the Venom simulator that powered you up with insane powers and put you on the ground of an open-world battlefield. DuckTales Remastered will also be available, allowing players to relive the glory days of the Capcom classic with a fresh coat of paint.

Those of you looking for something to play on the Vita will get Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition, which bundles up the original Duke Nukem 3D classic with all its expansions. There's also the new title from the creators of Bit.Trip, Whoah Dave, a single-screen platformer where you'll fend off aliens with nothing but pocket change.

You can check out the video above for a better look at what's in store, or just bide time until Tuesday when you can download all these games for free... as long as you subscribe to PlayStation Plus.

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