The Saints are marching into hell and a new generation of consoles this January with Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, a current-gen port of Volition's superhero open-world game.

Kotaku reports that Volition has announced this hellacious port at their PAX panel earlier today, saying that the full Saints Row IV game and all current DLC will make the jump to current-gen for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at the reasonable price of $29.99. Considering the many expansion episodes added since it released last August, that's a pretty good deal.

Also announced today was the Gat Out of Hell expansion coming to all versions of Saints Row IV. Players will control either Johnny Gat or Kinzie and go to war against none other than Satan himself. The Saints have had their share of over-the-top enemies before, but Satan is in a league of his own. We wonder if the Dubstep Gun will work on him.

Both Saints Row IV: Re-Elected and the Gat Out of Hell expansion will launch on January 27. Re-Elected will have the Gat Out of Hell expansion already included, while those who already have the last-gen version of the game will have to download it (likely via paid DLC). If you haven't played Saints Row IV yet and own an Xbox One or PlayStation 4, this will more than likely be the best way to do it.