Final Fantasy

Five Best Final Fantasy Mini-Games
From cards and arcades to races and theatre performances, these mini-games did more than distract. They downright seemed as though they should have games of their own. These are the top 5 mini-games in Final Fantasy games.
Final Fantasy XV Feels Familiar and Foreign at Once
Square Enix’s flagship Final Fantasy series has undergone many evolutions in the last 20 years, but there are still some hallmarks expected from a game in the core franchise. Final Fantasy XV does have some of these familiar elements: dudes with hair reaching varying degrees of spikyness; a g…
World of Final Fantasy Goes Back to Square Enix's Roots
Turn-based battles. Straight-up dungeons. Random encounters. For decades, these were the calling cards of the Final Fantasy series, making it one of the most prolific and beloved RPG franchises of all time. In recent years, however, Square Enix has strayed from its origins, using more real-time, act…
10 Best Video Game Spies
Love them or hate them, they’ve each certainly made a mark on the landscape of the universes they inhabit by their actions. These are the 10 best spies in video games.
Clearing the Mist: Final Fantasy IX Turns 15
Fifteen years ago, Square released its ninth Final Fantasy game in North America. It's time we look back at this stellar and criminally overlooked classic of the franchise. Square may have developed Final Fantasy IX alongside Final Fantasy VIII, but the two were quite different. While the emo S…

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