Throughout most any video games that have a story, there’s a clear and present goal to get a reaction out of players when it comes to the characters. Love them or hate them, quality characters have to have quirks, personalities and story elements that make them stand out in the memories of players. There are few things better at getting a reaction than a well-constructed alignment turn. We’re talking good guys turning out to be the villain or that horrible antagonist suddenly coming clean with some serious support for our favorite heroes.

In this list we’re choosing to look at the bad guys that turn over a new leaf. Some of them do it actively in the story and sometimes their arc begins upon the moment they turn their ways towards good. Sometimes it’s one of the most crucial scenes in a game and sometimes it’s a slow burn across several hours and even sequels that finally brings that character to the light. No matter the case, these tales of redemption are the tip-top of turns. Each of these former bad guys has a distinct place in gaming history, let alone a memorable part in their own contained universe. These are the best bad guys turned good.

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