Guilty Gear

Dizzying Cosplay
Dizzy is one of those characters that can be very difficult to cosplay due to her large wings and somewhat revealing outfit. But we always like seeing this character done right, and you can bet we'll feature anyone who can pull off this dizzying cosplay. Let's welcome Guilty Gear's Di…
Cosplay Clash! Kasumi vs Dizzy
Kasumi is clearly the better ninja, having defeated King of Fighters's Mai Shiranui with a huge lead. Another fighting game character steps into the ring as Guilty Gear's Dizzy tries her hand at beating the redheaded ninja.
Sol Badguy
Got a bit of a gender-bend for today's Cosplay of the Day, folks! Sol Badguy is the misnamed anti-hero and protagonist of the Guilty Gear fighting series. But in today's feature, we have Sol Badgirl!
Guilty Cosplay
She's an electric guitar-playing, time-traveling, witch hat-wearing fighter who fights in a suit made out of red leather. Now tell us, is there anything that's not awesome about Guilty Gear's I-No, today's featured cosplay?