She's an electric guitar-playing, time-traveling, witch hat-wearing fighter who fights in a suit made out of red leather. Now tell us, is there anything that's not awesome about Guilty Gear's I-No, today's featured cosplay?

The short answer is "no," dear readers. Whether she's using that hat with a hidden mouth to attack her opponents or flying across the stage with that electric guitar, we can't help but be put under the spell of this mysterious Guilty Gear fighter. And she's most certainly not a guilty pleasure, since we'd gladly proclaim our fondness for her!

Hezachan, otherwise known as Heather, has done an amazing job of recreating I-No's red-hot look. We wouldn't be surprised if she used actual magic to get into the suit, because it doesn't seem like it'd be very comfortable to wear. But you know what? We're giving her extra bonus points for being able to rock it without any wardrobe malfunctions!

Check out the rest of Heather's work on her deviantART page and her own personal website. She has a stunning set of photos featuring Darkstalkers's Felicia that begs to be seen!

Claire Iverson-Burt/Shiroin