Bethesda Game Studios' Emil Pagliarulo has explained that new games like 'Fallout 5' take a lot of time to develop due to the company's commitments to other projects.

Fans of the apocalyptic survival games have been waiting for the fifth instalment in the franchise since 'Fallout 4's release in 2015, and the studio design director has now urged players to be patient for a new title in the series because the company has been focused on 'Starfield' and the spin-off 'Fallout 76'.

After a fan on X asked him what occupies Bethesda's production time on a new game, he replied: "It’s a good question. A complicated question.

"Not specific to any of our games, but development times can vary for a variety of reasons. On 'Starfield', we spent a lot of time updating and developing tech. We also paused for a bit to assist with 'Fallout 76'.

"At the end of the day, though, it always comes down to that most important resource of all – people. As with any dev team, we have talented folks who need time to make great stuff. So we can’t do everything at once. Institute scientists are hard at work on cloning initiatives!"

Pagliarulo has also been bombarded by questions by eager fans after Amazon Prime's 'Fallout' TV adaption launched, though the Bethesda executive has insisted his lips will remain sealed.

In a separate X post, he wrote: "I know you all have questions about the 'Fallout' TV show. Some big, some small!

"As a rule, I won't be answering them. It's hard not knowing, and even harder waiting for the answers. I get it. But I share the hope that this is just the beginning, and all will be revealed in time!"

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