‘Phantom Blade Zero’s director has insisted the title won’t be “another Souls-like game”.

The upcoming RPG - which is being developed by S-GAME - was shown off for the first time at the Summer Game Fest 2024 showcase last week (07.06.24), and the title’s director, who goes by Soulframe, has now emphasised their project will be different to FromSoftware’s beloved ‘Dark Souls’ franchise.

On X, the director shared a Q and A session the studio held at the event, in which they stressed their game would carve out its own identity.

They said: “As of now, those who have tried the demo should have a solid idea that it’s not a Souls-like game. It’s worth stressing again that, ‘Make another Souls-like’ was never part of the plan.

“We want combo-driven, heart-pumping combat that is hectic, rewarding and exhilarating.”

The director did concede S-GAME had been inspired by other titles in the sub-genre, but stressed ‘Phantom Blade Zero’ was very much its own game.

They continued: “We did take inspiration from Souls-like games such as multi-layered maps, multiple approach paths and hidden nooks and crevices, but the similarities stop there.

“There will be difficulty options, and you won’t have to face respawned mobs after you die or interact with checkpoints.”

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