'World of Warcraft' ('WoW') vice president and executive producer Holly Longdale has praised Xbox for letting "Blizzard be Blizzard".

In October 2023, Microsoft finalised their acquisition of Activision Blizzard King for $69 billion – thus seeing the corporation's franchises like 'Call of Duty', 'Overwatch' and 'WoW' fall into Xbox's hands. Now, the 'WoW' boss has thanked their parent company for letting the studio stay true to its roots.

Speaking to VideoGamesCronicle, Longdale said: "There’s no one asking us to do anything.

"'World of Warcraft' is doing very well and they’re very proud of what it’s been able to accomplish, so it’s almost like just let it be, and let it keep being awesome. They’ve been tremendously supportive and it’s like, 'let Blizzard be Blizzard'."

The gaming vice president than emphasised Microsoft's purchase of Blizzard had been "helpful", as it had allowed the studio to spend time with other companies under the Xbox umbrella, like 'Minecraft's Mojang and Bethesda – the publishers behind the 'Elder Scrolls' franchise.

She said: "If anything, it’s just been helpful. We got time with Helen Chang from Mojang, and we were sharing information, so it’s almost as if we have access to what worked for them.

"We got to speak to the 'Elder Scrolls Online' team and share what we’re up to and what’s been working, it’s almost like we get a benefit."

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