Arrowhead Game Studios is not interested in turning 'Helldivers 2' into a crossover-heavy title like 'Fortnite'.

The company is currently working on new content for the game through 'Warbond' updates, though has insisted the title likely won’t include items from other franchises because that wouldn't be plausible for the "fantasy and lore" of 'Helldiver 2'.

Taking to the game's Discord server, the Arrowhead community manager Twinbeard wrote: "As a couple of examples: Melee weapons could be plausible in 'Helldivers'. Lightsabers from ['Star Wars'] would not.

"A helldiver finding a remnant, artefact, or a letter from someone from another game/cultural universe is plausible. Mickey Mouse writing a helldiver would not. And so on."

The community manager did however reveal Arrowhead wasn't completely against the idea of having crossovers with other franchises, but stressed that any external content included in 'Helldivers 2' had to "make sense".

They explained: "Crossovers have to make sense. We don't want to be 'Kingdom Hearts' or 'Fortnite'. If we do them, we want them to add something - feelgood, fun, a memory, but we like for it to make sense and fit in."

After its release in February 2024, 'Helldivers 2' became a smash-hit, and toppled 'God of War: Ragnarok' to become PlayStation's most played game on PC.

However, users have been disappointed by the bugs and issues that plague the title, and Arrowhead have since come forward to apologise for their "sloppy mistakes".

On Reddit, the studio's CEO Johan Pilestedt said: "We want to deliver the best in the industry and we are calibrating our efforts of fixing VS new stuff. It's easy to say, 'just fix, don't add,' but the reality of the competitiveness in this industry is that we have to do both to stay relevant.

"We are figuring it out, the demands and expectations on the studio [are] high, all eyes are on us, and we have a sole purpose – to make this the best live game you've ever played.

"We just need to find our stride and balance. It's a hot topic at the studio, and I'm sorry for the sloppy mistakes we've made as of recent."

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