‘Manor Lords’ has sold over one million copies in a day and has broken a Steam record

The new medieval city-builder game was released on April 26 in Early Access form and has already seen great success. Due to appearing on many Steam wishlists, the game saw over one million copies sold in just a single day.

According to publisher Hooded Horse, the game has also broken the record for the highest ever Steam player concurrents for a city building game reaching a peak count of 173,178 which puts it above titles like Civilization and Cities: Skylines in terms of Steam launch.

‘Manor Lords’ is a strategy game which allows players to build complex cities, orchestrate battles and experiment with constructing entire societies that can evolve and flourish. It was founded by Slavic Magic, a one-person studio founded by Greg Styczen.

The game has the intent of maintaining as much historical accuracy as possible in order to give players the feeling of a genuine medieval world. It takes inspiration from the art and architecture of late 14th century Franconia.

Styczen recently took to X to inform people on what he intended to address with the next patch of the game that includes bug fixes, fine-tuning of damage and mechanics as well as slowing the progress of the AI in claiming territories.

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