Bethesda director Todd Howard has appeared to hint at two future projects for ‘Fallout’.

The ‘Fallout’ TV show has seen huge success since its release earlier this month and has already received 65 million viewers - making it one of the most watched programmes on Amazon Prime Video to date.

Bethesda boss Howard has suggested that the studio is ready to capitalise by teasing two future projects in the post-apocalyptic franchise.

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, he said: "We look at what we are doing with the [Fallout] franchise and then we say do we still feel good about — I can't reveal it now — but here is our runway for Fallout as a franchise."

Howard continued: "When is Season 2 happening. What are we doing on mobile. What are we doing in [Fallout 76]. What are we doing with this thing. What are we doing with this other thing. And when are these landing. And again if I could snap my fingers and have them all be out and ready I would. But the main thing is how do we deliver these at a high quality level. That is always most important."

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) mistakenly leaked documents recently which included details of the ‘Fallout 3’ remaster. Some believe it is possible that this could be one of the two hinted-at upcoming ‘Fallout’ projects although this remains unclear.

Howard also stated that fans can expect to see ‘Fallout 5’ at an unspecified time after the release of 'Elder Scrolls VI', stating he has a “one-pager” for it. As ‘Elder Scrolls VI’ still appears to be in pre-production, however, it is unlikely that gamers will be playing ‘Fallout 5’ before 2030.

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