Technology is great and robots are a great example of it. Throughout entertainment history our imaginations and fears have been stoked by the creative concepts of robots that could be the perfect servant or the most terrifying adversaries. The fun of robotic characters is that technology can come in any form, be built for anything and when they go out of their regular programming, it sets the scene for some crazy shenanigans. In video games, robots often take up the roles of some of our favorite antagonists, iconic protagonists and everything in between.

The horrible frightening and genocidal robots get enough attention. This time around we’re focusing on our favorite robot pals. These robots aren’t just friendly (some of them are quite unfriendly actually), they certainly bring a lot to the table as well, helping to serve the needs and sometimes go beyond to make themselves something more than a simple automated servant. These robot pals put their circuits on the line to get us to the end of their respective games and they do it in sheer, sleek style. These are the 10 best robot buddies in video games.

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