There are tons of treasures in video games. Worlds upon worlds are stuffed chock full of loot both easy and difficult just waiting to be procured (or more likely stolen) by adventurers of all shapes and sizes. That said, while there’s plenty of treasure, just collecting it doesn’t make a character a true treasure hunter. No, that requires some specific dedication. There are treasures out there that require special attention and regular old Joe or Jane Adventure just won’t do. You need someone whose job quite literally requires a specific line of expertise for chasing the best artifacts that video game worlds have to offer.

We’re not talking about the folks who get their hands on the goods by default or pilfer them from the living hands of other enthusiasts. Many of these folks certainly are thieves on some level and find precious prizes falling into their laps on the regular, but silly old priceless gold coins aren’t enough. These treasure hunters need the real goods. They need the secrets and artifacts that lie so far off the beaten path that they often aren’t done unless they’ve faced a civilization-threatening occupational hazard. It takes more than a chest of goodies to send these intrepid explorers home. These are the ten best treasure hunters in video games.

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