Legendary game maker Shigeru Miyamoto finally steps forth to answer some of our biggest questions about Mario, including the identity of Bowser Jr.'s mother.

Nintendo has posted a new video starring Shigeru Miyamoto where he addresses some of the biggest myths plaguing Nintendo fans everywhere. Some of these questions have relatively obvious answers: anyone observant should see that Mario doesn't break bricks with his head, but with his fist in a Shoryuken-sort of pose. Another big question fans had was who was the mother of Bowser Jr., to which Miyamoto smiled and pointed towards himself.


The biggest answer we got from the video has to do with a longtime theory fans have been debating for years about Super Mario Bros. 3. Miyamoto confirmed the idea that Super Mario 3 is actually a play, or at least that its presentation style is intended to look like a staged performance. See the title screen above? Remember how Mario 3's intro started off with a curtain rising? Notice the shadows coming off of certain objects, suggesting that there's an unseen stage light shining from the upper left of the screen. Better yet, Mario and Luigi wear COSTUMES in the game. The Frog Suit, Tanooki Suit, Hammer Suit, etc. — it's all meant to look like a silly play. Most of the level's platforms are held by rope hanging from the rafters and the giant blocks are bolted into the backgrounds of the stage. In order to get the first Warp Whistle in Stage 1-3, you had to hold down on giant block so that Mario would actually go behind the object in the background to a secret door. Of course, the end of each level in the game reflects exiting stage right.

If you want further proof, then check out this picture (courtesy of Kotaku):


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