If there’s anything that video games try to beat into us sometimes, it’s the uses of family as plot devices. There’s plenty of familial bad and good out there, but there are few places that attempt to pin down a relationship between characters and drive it home like the use of brothers. The brotherly bond has been explored heavily across the spectrum of entertainment to the point where it’s definitely a trope and video games certainly use it too, and yet when done right, it can often produce some impeccable concepts and results.

Today we’re putting the spotlight on some of the most beloved bros to have ever been siblings in video games. From heated and hated rivals, to cherished and heartwarming brotherhood, as well as just giving the games they represent some iconic staying power and context, these brothers offer more than just a trope to their respective games. They give us some of the most memorable and iconic characters and relationships in the industry. These are the 10 best brothers in video games.

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