Not all video game characters are created equal which is why we're doing a list of the 10 Most Useless Video Game Characters. For every Thundergod Cid or Vergil there are scads of other characters whose skills are less-than-stellar. We're talking about the characters who make you wonder why they're even in the game, characters so lame they should've just stayed home. That's right, it's the 10 Most Useless Video Game Characters.

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    Street Fighter III: Third Strike

    If you examine any tier list for SFIII: Third Strike you'll find that Sean is widely considered the worst character, and that's probably because he's rocking a moveset that's exactly like Ryu and Ken's, only worse in every way. No wonder he belongs on our list of the 10 Most Useless Video Game Characters.

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    The Alchemist

    Ultima III: Exodus

    That's right, we're going old-school. In a game full of wizards, warriors, and you, the Alchemist is the one character class with terrible stats, non-existent weapon and armor skills, and no magic to speak of. If you're going to play as an Alchemist you're better off just shutting the game down.


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    Breath of Fire III

    This weird onion guy is easily overshadowed by the other, superior BoF III characters, and his inclusion makes you wonder if Capcom thought they were making their own kind of Moogles when coming up with this cute-ish animal/vegetable mascot.

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    To put it kindly, Rico is crap, and his Gear (giant robot suit), is also crap. Every other character has some value to them, even the weirder ones. Maria may be weak on foot, but her Gear is incredibly powerful. ChuChu might be a strange, pink fuzzball, but it can cast healing spells on the other Gears, which is invaluable given the difficulty of recovering their hit points. Rico, however, has got nothin'.

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    Final Fantasy X

    FFX's resident furball is also its most useless character; anything he can do, everyone else can do better.

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    Super Smash Bros. Melee

    This Pika-Clone's own lightning attacks hurt it, and it's such a lightweight that a single well-placed uppercut can knock it out even if its damage is as low as 20% (and we've seen it happen). Welcome to our list of the 10 Most Useless Video Game Characters, Pichu.

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    Final Fantasy IV

    The only thing Edward has ever contributed to the world is when Tellah called him a "spoony bard" and he went down in meme history.

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    Sure, there are crazy pokefans who can game the system enough to make Magikarp awesome, but with an equal amount of work you could catch an army of Mewtwos and conquer the world with them. At base, Magikarp is useless; its only attack is to flop around on the ground and do nothing.

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    Marvel vs Capcom 2

    Servbot may be tiny, but he makes up for it by dealing virtually no damage and having special/super moves that take forever to activate, leaving him constantly open to attack.

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    Could anyone else really have been at the top of this list of the 10 Most Useless Video Game Characters? Fox's companions aren't always the most useful bunch, but Slippy managed to crown himself king of the losers by constantly getting into trouble, requiring you either save his stupid, amphibious ass, or laugh as he gets shot down.


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