It's hard to write a list of the 25 Most Annoying Video Game Characters without finding yourself flying off into an irrational rage at pixelated representation's of 0's and 1's. Still, who would have known that data could be so annoying? Whether they were annoying because of their gameplay, their soundbites, their personality, or their questionable design, these are the 25 Most Annoying Video Game Characters of all time.

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    Borderlands/Borderlands 2

    Our lowest rated of the 25 Most Annoying Video Game Characters takes this slots because he was written to be annoying. Claptrap from Borderlands is an example of being annoying for the sake of humor, and it works. His incompetency, weakness to stairs, and constantly running mouth get on your nerves, but for the sake of laughs. Though, the dubstep is pushing it a bit far.

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    Earthbound/Mother 3

    Pokey is another character that was written to be purposefully annoying, this time to build a lasting disgust that will stick with you when he becomes a villain. Pokey is selfish, disgusting, and obnoxious when he speaks, yet he is a total coward. He literally decides to help a primordial evil being destroy the world because you accidentally got him grounded.

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    Roman Bellic

    Grand Theft Auto IV

    No Roman, I don’t want to go bowling. No Roman, I don’t want to catch lunch with you. No Roman, I don’t want to see big American teetees. Roman, please just stop calling me for a second! I’m driving my car on the sidewalk over a prostitute while being chased by the police. Geez!

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    Red Angry Bird

    Angry Birds

    The Red Angry Bird always struck us as annoying. It has no abilities. It easily has the most irritating laugh. Yet, for some reason it gets to be the Angry Bird’s mascot. It’s the only Angry Bird people dread getting in their launch lineup just because of how unfathomably useless it is. If it suddenly disappeared from the face of all Angry Birds games, no one would miss him. His presence alone launches him into our list of the 25 Most Annoying Video Game Characters.

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    Final Fantasy VIII

    You’ll notice that there are a lot of JRPG protagonists on this list because JRPG writers love to write the most trope laden stereotypical pieces of whiny teenage angst possible. Squall was one of those characters who was too interested in his own pain to man up for a minute and save the world, nay, the entire time stream! This is extremely obvious in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, where every whiney piece of voice acted dialogue makes you want to throw your Vita out the window.

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    Natalya Simonova

    Goldeneye 64

    Whose bright idea was it to make an escort mission where the person you are escorting doesn’t even follow you? The sheer amount of times this mission failed because Natalya would just run out into a group of enemies and got shot is staggering. She was easily the worst part of the best shooter of the N64 era.

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    Final Fantasy X/X-2

    Rikku was the incredibly perky Al Bhed girl from Final Fantasy X, and she really knew how to get on your nerves. She knew a lot about the plot but would keep it secret for no reason. She had access to tons of technology but would fight with dinky knives. Her voice was horrible and it just got worse in Final Fantasy X-2. Note that this is the blonde haired girl Rikku from Final Fantasy X, not the silver haired boy Riku from Kingdom Hearts, who was annoying in his own right.

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    Street Fighter III: Third Strike

    So you’ve gotten to the final boss of the game who has pelted you with incredibly powerful attacks and projectiles. You’ve battled him down to the last sliver of his health and you manage to strike at just the right moment to deal the fatal blow. You’ve won the game right? WRONG! He resurrects with full health and he’s even more powerful than before… and he was already doing increased damage and taking mere slivers of health to your best combos! This is the frustration of Gill, the final boss of Street Fighter III: Third Strike in a nutshell.

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    Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2

    Serah was the plot device that Final Fantasy XIII was written around. She was a L’Cie, bound to a Fal’Cie to do…. something? She was successful in this something because she turned into crystal rather than a Ceith zombie. Then when Fang and Vanille had a big crystal pillar hug at the end of the game she wasn’t crystal anymore? Then she was a time traveling hero? Then an incarnation of the time goddess? Then she died? Way to be useful Serah.

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    Eggplant Wizard

    Kid Icarus/Captain N

    Eggplant Wizard was an incredibly annoying enemy from Kid Icarus because he could turn you into an eggplant and remove many of your abilities. However, he really secured his slot on this list because of his appearance in Captain N, the Game Master, where he was a dried up wrinkly purple version of black face. No one liked the Eggplant Wizard… no one.