Duck Hunt

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    Tales of Symphonia 2

    JRPG writers just love to turn their main characters into wimps. In fact, Emil was so canonically wimpy that he needed a dark god in his head to do all the work for him. Every time a battle would start, Emil's badass personality would take over and wreck face, which meant every time we actually heard Emil talk over the course of the story, he was a blubbering softy who just wanted this whole adventure to stop. Cry less. Stab more. Words to live by Emil.

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    Bald Bull

    Punch Out!

    Bald Bull was the end of the road for many youngsters playing the original NES Punch Out! His bull charge was one of those near unavoidable attacks if you didn’t know how to avoid it. Not only that, but he would laugh at you whenever he knocked you out. What a jerk!

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    Marvel vs Capcom 2

    Air Hyper Viper Beam. Air Hyper Viper Beam. Air Hyper Viper Beam. Cable was annoying because he was simply too powerful. He had a normal attack that fired an instant screen long projectile multiple times and if any of them hit, he could just super jump cancel into Air Hyper Viper Beam x3 for the win. The sound clip that went along with the Air Hyper Viper Beam still causes post-traumatic stress flashbacks to many pros in the fighting game community.

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    Final Fantasy XIII

    Another Final Fantasy XIII character? Of course! Nearly everything about that game was annoying. Vanille was a happy go lucky young youth that just so happened to be the cause of the apocalypse. It’s kind of her fault that the whole game took place, and that’s not a good thing. She would never shut up about believing in yourself yet she also wouldn’t stop blaming herself for everything that happened. Whatever babble came out of her mouth was like JRPG trope writing 101 and it make you want to smash your face into the side of a Fal’Cie, whatever that is.

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    Super Mario Franchise

    Daisy is one of those characters that eventually became annoying because of the sound clips she was saddled with. “Hi, I’m Daisy!” was something you heard over and over and over again if you played Mario Kart, Mario Party, or practically any other game with Daisy in it. Not only that, but she has no personality other than her annoying voice! She was just that princess that wasn’t Peach.

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    Karol Capel

    Tales of Vesperia

    Hey look, another JRPG person. Karol is another one of those characters that has a bad case of extreme optimism. He was incredibly idealistic and always talked about having his guild, Brave Vesperia, and saving the day like real RPG heroes. All the while Yuri, the real hero of the game, was sneaking off in the middle of the night to solve political problems by murdering nobles. Karol was really nothing more than a figurehead for an assassin’s guild. The only thing he was good at in the game was moving boxes.

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    Ashley Grahm

    Resident Evil 4

    “Ashley wait. No, don’t go there. Come here. Wait in the dumpster. No, don’t go ahead of me. No, there's a guy with a chainsaw down there. Wait. Stop! Come back here! Don’t go near the zombies. There are tentacles. Chainsaw! No!- ‘YOU ARE DEAD’ Goddamit, Ashley!!!” That was a dramatic re-enactment of why you don’t make half of your game an escort mission for a little girl who has no sense of self preservation.

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    Big the Cat

    Sonic Adventure

    Sonic the Hedgehog is a game about speed, right? It’s about shaving seconds off of your best runs as you blow through Dr. Robotnik’s bad-bots and break the sound barrier. So what better way to give you the feeling of running at mach speeds than breaking up that high velocity action with a FISHING MINIGAME. Oh, and this isn’t just any fishing mini-game. It’s a whole chapter of fishing mini-games, a whole chapter of fishing mini-games that you HAVE to complete if you want to beat the game, a whole chapter of fishing mini-games featuring a mentally challenged cat and his pet frog that he apparently is in a committed relationship with. This, is easily the stupidest character to ever grace the face of Sonic fandom, and Sonic Team created a character called Cream the Rabbit!

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    Mr. Resetti

    Animal Crossing

    Mr. Resetti is just a mean joke. Animal Crossing wanted you to not reset your game to avoid something bad happening without the game saving. But, it could also tell that you reset the game, which was what prompted Mr. Resetti to show up in the first place. So, if this was the case, why couldn’t it have been possible to program a save state function that captured your last game state when the game was reset? Did you really have to make a mole talk our ear off for hours at a time?

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    The Legend of Zelda Franchise

    Tingle is a person who thinks he’s a fairy. He prances around in a green leotard, flies on balloons, and generally gives you nothing useful in your journey. Yet, as much as you want to get away from Tingle, you can’t, because apparently he is a Zelda mascot now. So he will forever come back in every new Zelda game, trying to sell you things you don’t need, talking about adventures he never had, and generally looking creepy in his forest green footie pajamas.