Games are almost always meant to be fun, but there is a line that can be crossed and the industry has tested that multiple times throughout history. As the medium evolves, society and the way it interprets that media and its effect is sometimes slow to catch up. Often times, when something really out of the ordinary comes along, that can spell trouble. Whether it’s content in the game or simply the practice of business around it, sometimes games end up with hefty notoriety surrounding them as both the gaming community and/or society in general call foul on the matter.

We’re not talking about simple vulgarity or shock value here. There’s plenty of that out there and it would fill far more than what we have here. We’re talking about products that made fiery waves with their presences. When these games came out, or when certain aspects of the game were revealed, they spawned outrage arguably like few other games could. They didn’t just light a flame. Some of them rallied entire communities, others brought about societal change, and finally some were simply hidden away like a skeleton in the closet. These are the 10 most controversial video games.

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