The world of horror video games is a world filled with ingenuity. When survivors get together and their backs are shoved up against the wall, that’s when players get to see the most powerful and/or the most creative scrapings of self-defense come into play. Whether it’s the strongest gun out there or seemingly simple items utilized to serve a greater purpose, weapons in horror games come in all sorts of interesting shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that these tools of survival and self-defense are always effective.

Throughout the many years and many horror games we’ve played, we’ve all had our share of pretty high ups and some tremendous downs when it comes to weaponry. This list skirts the sludgy bottom of the barrel. These weapons are barely weapons, let alone serving any kind of use beyond putting players on the fast track to a game over screen. Sometimes they’re just ridiculous jokes, sometimes they play against their respective game’s very concept and sometimes they're just a last ditch attempt at survival gone horribly wrong. If you were stuck with these tools, you were either brave, desperate or unfortunate. These are the ten worst weapons in horror games.

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