10 Scariest Monsters of Survival Horror

The 10 Scariest Monsters of Survival Horror is a list we were rather reluctant to create. Reminiscing about what went bump in the pixelated-night brings up a sad sense of nostalgia. Today's more popular survival horror franchises have been abandoning horror elements for the sake of attracting more players via action-oriented gameplay. Summer might be known for fireworks and barbecue, but this also happens to be a relatively dry season for fans of survival horror. We decided to skip the rankings this time, letting you, the reader, decide who your #1 scariest monster is. Let's stir up some ghastly memories, and cause some distressing heatwaves of the psyche, as we dig up the 10 Scariest Monsters of Survival Horror.

  • Slenderman

    Slender Series

    Play one of the Slender games in the dark with your headphones on and the second Slenderman's distortion kicks in, you're in for a scare. From memes, to Minecraft, to his own series, Slenderman earned his spot in the 10 Scariest Monsters of Survival Horror

  • Ubermorphs/Regenerators

    Dead Space Series

    The first Dead Space blew a much needed breath of dead air into survival horror, and these unstoppable necromorphs scared the hell out of us right when we were starting to get comfortable with the combat system.

  • Regeneradors

    Resident Evil 4

    Regeneradors may not have been as horrific as the action sequences of Resident Evil 6, but they were disturbingly-tough.

  • The Raincoat Killer

    Deadly Premonition

    Deadly Premonition was so horrible that it was good, and much of that can be attributed to the old Greensville murderer.

  • Eve

    Parasite Eve

    Eve was able to make people spontaneously-combust through the power to tap into peoples' mitochondria. This led to an array of horrific occurrences that occurred all throughout the Big Apple in Parasite Eve. Causing crowds of people to randomly burst into flames and turning all the wildlife into ferocious monsters are two small reasons Eve is on our list of 10 Scariest Monsters of Survival Horror.

  • Nemesis

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis / Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    Three words: clock tower rocket.

  • Scissorman

    Clock Tower Series

    Scissorman is one of the original boogeymen of gaming. And the point-and-click controls of the Clock Tower series made it much more harder to evade him and would force you into choosing better hiding places over more obvious ones.

  • Gatherers

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    The facial expressions of the Gatherers in Amnesia: The Dark Descent say it all.

  • Pyramid Head

    Silent Hill Series

    Let's just say, because of Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2, we'll never look at mannequins the same way ever again.

  • Broken Neck Ghost

    Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly

    The Fatal Frame series has a plethora of terrifying phantasms, but the ghost of the woman with the broken neck takes the ethereal cake. This is one specter that would scare off the Scooby Doo gang, all four Ghostbusters and the Winchester brothers. And that's why this ghostly nightmare haunts her way onto our list of the 10 Scariest Monsters of Survival Horror.

  • BONUS: ReDead

    The Legend of Zelda Series

    It's not survival horror, but the ReDeads of The Legend of Zelda series always creeped the hell out of us.


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