Resident Evil

10 Best Video Game Spies
Love them or hate them, they’ve each certainly made a mark on the landscape of the universes they inhabit by their actions. These are the 10 best spies in video games.
What Lurks Beneath the Mansion: Celebrating Resident Evil
In 1996, survival horror existed, but it wasn’t exactly widely known that way. Games like Clock Tower, Alone in the Dark, and numerous other takes on the horror genre existed, but even the best-selling games of the type enjoyed a moderate to cult following. Capcom wanted something greater. Th…
Worst to First: Resident Evil
Resident Evil is one of the first video games to feature zombies in a Romero-like manner. After so many sequels and spin-offs over the years, it's time we ranked the series in ascending order to see what it takes to create a successful zombie game. Capcom has started to stray from the path over…

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