Hack n’ Slash games are a relatively flexible genre in gaming. One could argue that any game where you’re swinging a sword can be a hack n’ slash. That’s not enough though. The fact is that when you’re playing one, you know it. It’s undeniable. Your blood gets pumping, your hands get tight, and every breath is a moment of anticipation for the next slayable challenge in the game. Hack n’ Slash games are renowned for their ability to bring high-octane fun to players everywhere, even if the actual gameplay can be a bit shallow sometimes. That said, these games are the apex of action-packed.

Each of these game brings something amazing to their genre. A given game’s craft and mechanics might be revolutionary or the stylistic evolutions of a game in a series might make the game the pinnacle of its franchise. Whatever the cause, these games are more than just sword swings and slain enemies. They’re some of the biggest thrill rides we’ve ever gotten to experience. They bring combat, style, variety, grace and beauty to a genre that only demands that you hit the monster in the face with the sword, rinse and repeat. These overachievers are the 10 Best Hack n’ Slash Games.

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