There are a ton of reasons to explore a spinoff in a popular franchise. Maybe the original formula has gotten stale and the developer is looking to explore some new concepts. Perhaps the spinoff is meant to capture an audience you wouldn’t normally reach out to with that franchise. It’s just as possible that they know if they slap a popular name on a product, then fans will pay money for it. It’s not always a story of altruism or devious cash grabbing, but it is a story that often leads to a failed product for a lot of developers. Truthfully, some of the industry’s biggest lemons have come out of spinoffs.

On this particular list, we’ve brought together some of the worst offenders to ever jump ship from the core concepts. These games play on a number of sour notes, whether it was a complete misstep from the original direction of the franchise or just a sloppy cut and paste product made to cash in on any given craze that was popular at the time. These games were the kind of games you got excited about until you started playing. Then, as realization crept in that money was spent on this product or that it would be the game you had to sit around with for a while, it dawned on you: these particular games featuring those names you love so much were garbage. These are the 10 Worst Spinoffs in Video Games.

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