Their stories have been told throughout the world and throughout the ages. Used as cautionary tales to scare little kids, keep them in line and/or teach them lessons, the mystique of so much folklore and the monsters punctuating them has managed to survive generations and remain prevalent in unique ways. Some are certainly more popular than others and some have disappeared from culture altogether, but many remain as easily recognizable archetypes for current media. Of course, this would apply heavily to video games.

Folktale monsters take on a variety of forms in video games. Sometimes it can be as simple as being a standard enemy along the way, but not always. Other times these monsters come into play in ghastly ways that re-invite them into our nightmares. They can also simply be the foundation by which a game introduces a unique and fleshed out character with relative ease. Whatever the case, folklore and especially its monsters are alive and well in video games. Here we have the 10 best folktale monsters in games.

Be forewarned, some of these entries contain spoilers about the games from which they come as a simple matter that their reveal is a major part of the stories.